Thursday, August 11, 2011

Are you ready??

It is that time of year. Except for those of us who are hardcore baseball fans, everyone will turn to football. While I will be watching it too, I still love baseball first. It will be fun to watch the Seahawks start out tonight in San Diego. We will get to see our first glimpses of Tarvaris Jackson on the field as  the Hawks QB.

While I know that Tarvaris was not too well thought of for his time in Minnesota, I think given a new chance in Seattle he might be alright. The kid was thrown into the fire, told to sit behind Mr. Sexter in Favre, and was supposed to get better. With his old offensive coordinator here and knowing the system he might shine. I trust him more than Clipboard Jesus Charlie Whitehurst.

Oh yeah, the Mariners stole a victory from the Rangers last night. We should have won 2 of 3, but what else can we do? Just keep going out there, and let's see what happens.

Here's looking at you, and the start of the football season.

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to avenging our loss in the last week of the season last year.

    Let's go Rams!