Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Call back later...

I know that it will start to get pub everyday now. I agree that it is impressive. I highly doubt he will come close. I think Dan Uggla is a good player. I know getting a 30 game hitting streak is not easy. I would like to see the guy make a run at it.

This man holds the record for the longest streak. It is one of those records that you just can feel will never be broken. With the specialized pitchers of today, and all the differences in today's game I don't think it can be done. We all know no one will top Cy Young's 511 wins. Someday maybe someone will hit .400. Let's put some support behind Dan and see how far he can go.


  1. 30 and counting! It's been fun watching his turnaround over these last 30 games. They Braves close out the series w/ the Marlins tonight and I've got a feeling he'll continue the streak to 31 this evening.

  2. 56 games is such an overrated accomplishment.