Monday, August 29, 2011

Is this heaven??

There is always a pursuit and wanting for the Holy Grail. Every person is striving to find it.

It's Mine!! All Mine!!
 Do you have those cards that you hope to someday own so they can be the cornerstone of your collection?? I know that those cards for me were the three 1983 Tony Gwynn rookie cards. After spending a very warm Saturday afternoon at the Boeing Classic golf tournament with my son, we decided to head to my favorite card store that I don't get to very often. After finding a few Mariners I needed, and some Angels cards for the other side project, I perused the the cases of unobtainable cards. They shined at me like a beacon of light!! The first card I see is the mother lode I have longed for:

What would you pay for this card??The sticker said book value: $25, our price $10!! Sign me up, I own the first white whale.

Also in the great case was the second of his rookies. This 1983 Donruss beauty had a  price tag stating it was $6.95. A little high, but I could live with that to get the second of three rookies.

The completion of the trifecta was there in the case too. 1983 Fleer #360 was also on the glass shelf with a low, low price of $4.95. Hot diggity dog, I can have all three rookies for only $22?? Sold, sold, and sold!!
I thought I would never own any of his rookies, let alone all three at the same time. I guess it is time to start to focus on the player collections of Pops, and the Murph now.


  1. Larry, there is one more rookie card. I bought mine from Norm Johnson of the Seahawks.

  2. You have peaked my interest and I need to know what I'm missing here. Enlighten me wise one.