Monday, August 22, 2011

Let's get serious people

I know that it is common place and it happens at every sporting event. I know people get drunk, and they think they are tough. Are we that much of barbarians that we have to show we think our team is better than your team?? Is it really necessary to fight in front of kids because "you're not wearing my teams jersey?" I also know that part of this was probably gang related. I'm not trying to cast aspersions on anyone, but I've been to NFL games at both teams stadiums.

This picture shows one of the melees inside the stadium during a PRESEASON football game. The game doesn't even count for anything people!! The evening would conclude with two separate shooting incidents, with people clinging to life. I still don't understand how idiotic violence can make one team better than the other.


  1. Ridiculous. I'll never understand this crap. Maybe it's because I'm too smart to have been caught up in gangs and made unnecessarily strong allegiances to a team. I think when you start fighting over a team, you've gone from fan to obsessor. I wonder if they'll hold this preseason match-up next year, given the amount of violence.