Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time Traveling

I continue to watch my beloved Mariners day after day because I love my team. I remember a series at the end of the 2008 season with the Oakland A's. I told myself, all they have to do is get swept and we will wrangle the #1 pick away from the Nationals in 2009. The #1 pick will net us Steven Strasburg. Instead, the Mariners went on to sweep the A's and ended up at 61-101 getting the #2 pick. Who can we get at #2, everybody has said it is Strasburg and a bunch of other guys.

On that June day in 2009, Jack Z decides to draft a outfielder from the University of North Carolina. Dustin Ackley was the Mariners pick at #2. I had never heard of him, and didn't know a thing about him. The M's decided to move Dustin out of his comfortable outfield position and convert him to a second baseman. While he is still working on the fine details of playing the position, he is impressive. The kid is .311 right now, can hit for power, has great speed, and his glove work is improving.

Question of the day: in hindsight, which would rather, Strasburg at #1, or Dustin Ackley with the #2?


  1. I would definitely go with Ackley.

  2. I would still rather have Strasburg because of the chance at being a truly great player who can carry a team at times (plus fill the stadium).

    But I wouldn't really complain with Ackley, he looks like a great player (I'm an A's fan, so am basically just watching him for the first time right now)

  3. I'd probably have to say Strasburg because having King Felix and Strasburg would be pretty incredible.

  4. Keep the pick of Ackley. That's my opinion. I don't think Strasburg will dominate as much as he briefly did before getting hurt. Ackley will take the field every day and provide the Mariners with offense which is needed. SELL THE STRASBURG!

  5. Ackley - he isn't hurt and can impact the team much sooner and for longer.