Thursday, August 25, 2011

A perfect? 10

OK, so that was a cheap ploy to get you to read this entry but obviously it worked. I'm not sure this is a number you want your baseball team to have. So far before we have even got to the September call-ups, the Seattle Mariners have already had 10 players make their MLB debut this season. Here's how the debuts have gone so far this year.

Josh Lueke: April 3rd

Tom Wilhelmsen: April 3rd

Michael Pineda: April 5th

Carlos Peguero: April 19th

Mike Wilson: May 10th

Dustin Ackley: June 17th

Blake Beavan: July 3rd

Kyle Seager: July 7th

Trayvon Robinson: August 5th

Anthony Vasquez: August 23rd

I expect the Mariners to probably bring in this year's #1 draft pick in September with the recent DFA of reliever Chris Ray. Could this be a foreshadowing come September 1?

Danny Hultzen: September 1??

It will be happy days in my head if the Mariners can ever get good again and stop with the debut carousel.


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