Saturday, March 5, 2011

Angels in the Desert

Since this is the new side project, here is a partial list of the cards I'm pretty sure the pictures were taken in Palm Springs. I'm think this list is full and correct. If you have Angels cards that look like they have a big mountain in the background or palm trees and aren't listed, let me know.

Updated 5/14/13
Current collection:  222/222(100%)

The Angels are all in the outfield in the Desert! I collected them all!!

PS Angels Alumni
Garret Anderson
Jim Edmonds
Tim Salmon
J.T. Snow


  1. YES! Someone else interested in the Angls! I can definately hook you up with some Angels cards. Let make a trade. Tom

  2. i have a couple of these. drop me a line at gcrlATcomcastDOTnet.

  3. 1994 or 1995 Fleer Ultra Garrett Anderson rookie is a Spring Training photo with a mesa in the background. It's a beautiful card with a nice pose.

  4. Pulled the following Angels for you. Topps: 1973 Kealey, 1977 Ross, Future Stars, 1984 Burleson, Forsch, 1985 Romanick; Donruss: 1982 Baylor; Fleer: 1981 Carew, Ford, 1982 Renko, Hassler, Campy, Burleson.