Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SuperSonic in the sky

The long time owner and man that brought the Sonics some of their best years has passed. Former owner Barry Ackerley passed away in Rancho Mirage, CA after suffering a stroke at age 76.

 Barry owned the Sonics from 1983-2001. Barry could be abrasive at times, but he loved his team and everyone associated with it. While owner of the team the Sonics made the playoffs 13 times, winning 4 division titles and making the NBA Finals in 1996.

Barry was also head of the Ackerley Group that owned TV and radio stations, along with outdoor media in 20 markets in 6 states. Barry Ackerley was one of the most loved owners in Seattle due to the fact that he loved to give the fans the best team he could. We will miss you Barry, bring back the Sonics.

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