Friday, March 11, 2011

Double Dipping

After getting some inspiration from the Heartbreaking one's post, I decided to look into players, properties and coaches that were with Pilots somehow and the Mariners. I found more guys than I thought I would.

Don Bryant spent the spring of 1970 with the Pilots, but left before Milwaukee. Don would be a coach the expansion Mariners.

Also with the Pilots in Tempe in 1970 was Phil Roof. Phil would eventually be a bullpen coach for the Mariners.

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from baseball card cyber museum
Wes Stock was a coach with the 1970 Pilots/Brewers. Wes would come back to Seattle to coach with the Mariners.

Lou Piniella was a famous property of the Pilots to be let go of, only to come back and be the Mariners greatest manager.

Diego Segui hold the distinction of being the only man to play for both the Pilots and the Mariners.

from the baseball card cyber museum
Wayne Twitchell was in spring camp with the Pilots in 1970, and would also pitch for the Mariners in 1979. Wayne sadly passed on September 16, 2010 from cancer.

from the baseball card cyber museum
Jim Slaton was drafted by the Pilots in 1969, and would coach for the mariners in AAA Tacoma, and in Seattle from 1999 until 2007.

Slaton is on the right 

from the baseball card cyber museum
Rich Auerbach would also be drafted in '69, only to come to Seattle in 1981.

from the baseball card cyber museum 
Gorman Thomas was the Pilots first pick in the 1969 draft, and would come and be a Mariner from 1984 until 1986.

Strange to think that all these guys with some type of Pilots ties would make it back to be with the Mariners. Thanks again to Matt for the inspiration to do some digging.

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