Friday, March 4, 2011

New Side Project

All right all this Spring Training has gotten me bit by a bug. I've been watching all kinds of games on MLB Network. It has gotten me thinking back to the old days of my youth. As a kid who grew up with the Angels spending half their Spring Training in Palm Springs, CA I got to see many games and get many autographs as a kid. I got to thinking about baseball cards and the pictures that are on them from Spring Training.

I do know that the Angels were in Palm Springs from 1961 until the end of 1992. I have started to make a list of cards that I can tell are from Angels Stadium in Palm Springs. I can tell some Topps cards for sure, but some I need some help. I haven't started looking at Donruss and Fleer yet, but I would think that there could be some from them too. I doubt that Score or Upper Deck ever made it to the desert.

Consider this an open call to any and all Angels fans, or anybody with knowledge of the stadium and the mountains in the background I would love your help. If I can figure out all the cards, and collect them it would a nice homage set to my home town.
Come on Angels fans, don't let a poor Mariner fan down!

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