Monday, March 28, 2011

Angels, Mariners, and an auto OH MY!!

Recently, I put up a partial wantlist for a new side project, Angels in the desert. It highlights the California Angels cards with photos taken at spring training in Palm Springs, CA. Tom, the great mind behind The Angels in Order was the first to step up and help get this project a few new cards to start it out right.

Tom sent me some cards that are bordering on real old. He also sent some that were when the Angels were near the end of their run in the desert. He even sent the Bobby Grich Fleer card that I hadn't even found was a desert shot yet.

What trade with me would ever be complete without a few Mariners cards? That is kind of what I'm all about after all, right? Tom didn't disappoint here either. He sent me six more cards to take off the Super Set. Two nice 82 Donruss, 2 from the 83 Fleer set, and two 85 Donruss, including the Diamond King which was a Prime 9 card.

To was cool enough to also include a auto card of 2004 cult hero Bucky Jacobsen. This kid came out of nowhere in the summer of 2004 and the fans in Seattle fell in love with the kid from Oregon. Unfortunately, the fame was short lived, and Bucky was out of baseball in 2007. He is now running a baseball facility called Bucky's Baseball Academy in North Bend, WA.

Thanks again to Tom for the help, and I look forward to making trades with him and you in the future. If you haven't read his blog, go and learn some Angels history.

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  1. Thank for your kind words. And for the fat package of cards you sent in return. I'll be highlighting the trade soon on my blog.

    Looking forward to trading again soon.