Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Funner Things with Mariners cards

Recently I sent an e-mail to Julie of the great Things Are Funner Here inquiring if she was interested in some Phillies cards. Of course I bundled up some Phils and a Halladay for her and dropped it in the mail. In return, she sent me a nice little stack of Mariners cards. There was this nice "illegal" card I needed from 2010 UD:

Also there a nice shiny Felix, which I'm always open to new cards of The King. Even if I don't do ToppsTown.

There was the standard new and old variety of M's that always make happy and remember back to some players of yesteryear.

There was even a new Tony for the ever growing pile of Gwynn's I'm starting to have stacked up:

The card that most caught my eye was this 2008 offering from Topps:

I've seen most of the different parallels form Topps, but I don't know about this one. It has a yellow border, not gold. I'm not too sure about the RV10 numbering either. Anybody have any idea what these are?

If you don't read her blog on consistent basis, do so it is good stuff. If you want a new trade partner and haven't gotten with her, DO IT! Big thanks to you Julie, and enjoy Cliff Lee this year, I wish he was still here. That guy can pitch. What do you know, the Mariners are undefeated so far, 2-0-1. How do you end in a tie, is this the All-Star game again??


  1. That's an interesting-looking Balentien card. Weird color for a border.