Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Ray of hope...

Another NRI that is trying to make this Mariners team this year is Chris Ray. I would say the chances of Ray making this team are very good. The guy does have 51 saves in a career with Baltimore, Texas, and San Francisco.

With David Aardsma on the shelf for a while, and Brandon League being shaky at best as a closer, I think Chris could hold the spot down until Aardsma comes back, and then David may have to fight for the spot if Ray is on. Here's hoping that Chris can continue to impress and make the club out of Peoria.


  1. Ray had some good innings for the Giants in the middle of last season, then sort of disappeared in the playoffs. He could be a bit of a sleeper for the M's.

  2. Ray was pretty good for the O's until he got hurt. He was then traded to the Rangers for Kevin Millwood, then flipped to the Giants for Bengie Molina. Both figured to get rings, no matter who won the World Series. Kind of cool. I hope he bounces back.