Sunday, March 6, 2011

I guess the mall is OK...

While out doing the weekly shopping thing, my family needed to go to the mall yesterday. It is someday going to get spring like weather here, and we all need new shorts and sneakers. The three of us are doing good finding clothes and such, and I'm thinking "I'm done, let's get out of the mall." We walk around the corner, and what do I see, but a circle of tables.

Comic books, autographed pictures, and toys. Then, I see tables with cards. My wife says, "go ahead and look. I'm moving forward." The look was like I shouldn't, but how could I resist. I could have easily spent a couple hours looking for cards, but didn't have my list of needs with me. I just blindly start looking, pulling up my want list on my phone. I only spend 10 minutes looking through half a box, knowing I couldn't spend all day looking. I did find 3 cards for the Super Set.

 The dealer who was too busy playing cribbage and grazing on Wendy's, wanted $1 a piece for these. I told him would he take $2 for all three since the '69 was in rough shape. He finally relented, and a '69 Pilots and the two cards to finish off the '09 UD are now home safely in their binders. I'm still not a fan of the mall, but it wasn't such a bad trip today, new kicks and some new cards.

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