Monday, July 11, 2011

Who's to blame??

 I find it hard to believe that for the second time in nine days, the Mariners have been the victim of a 3 ball walk. I'm at a loss to figure out who should get the blame for all this. The first time it happened to Doug Fister after home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi missed the count and so did the Mariners staff on a three ball walk to Cameron Maybin of the Padres. That walk would cost the M's that game 1-0. Yesterday, Bobby Abreu drew a three ball walk off Felix Hernandez in the third inning. Wedge said this time he was OK with it. I'm not happy with it. Do we blame home plate umpire Gerry Davis??

How about pitching coach Carl Willis for not paying attention, and/or not having a balls and strike clicker in his hand at all times??

Maybe it falls in Eric Wedge's lap for not going out to clarify the count with umpire to ensure it's right.

I know that for my team of 12 year olds, I always have a count clicker in my hand to keep accurate on the count. Something needs to change about this. Twice in nine days seems to show a lack of focus and attention to detail to me.


  1. What about blaming the pitchers also? They should know the count also.

  2. HP umpire for not keeping track of balls and strikes, then the Mariners dugout, who apparently didn't care that Abreu walked on ball three.