Friday, July 1, 2011

Really-What are the odds on that??

I have to wonder how you can get both your catchers hurt in the same game? In Tuesday night's game, starter Miguel Olivo had to leave the game with possible cramps in his leg. Then back-up Chris Giminez played the rest of the game with a strained oblique. The Mariners then have to call up not one, but two catchers. They had their insurance policy in Tacoma with Josh Bard.

They also had to bring in a back up for Bard in the form of Jose Yepez. It's a fun name to say.

Jose is similar to the Mariners version of Crash Davis. Jose is 30 years old, and has been in the minors for 10 years. He even spent 3 years playing independent ball after the Blue Jays organization let him go. I hope he can at least get into a few games before he goes back to Tacoma.

On another note, I could have bet on this one and won. It seems like clock work with Erik Bedard. It seems every time he gets to 15 starts, he gets hurt and has to go on the DL. Help me out Orioles fans, is it all in this guy's head, is he not durable, or does he really not want to be in Seattle that bad?

The Mariners are going old school tonight with one of my favorite uniform looks they ever had. I really hope the players go old school with the stirrups and sanitaries, and also have the right batting helmets to match. Here are the looks for the Mariners and Padres tonight:


  1. Would love to see the Seattle Pilots unis broken out in a game. Sweet nostalgia.

  2. Love them old Padres uniforms... brings back great memories of Winfield, The Wizard of Oz, and of course Gwynn.