Monday, July 18, 2011

This is bad news kids

This team has fallen on hard times. I know that we aren't ready to compete yet, but at least put up a fight. I didn't know that the Rangers had a bunch of Cy Young in their rotation. The Mariners bats have gone silent, and can't get a hit to save their lives. They look like they are defeated already and given up before they get there.

It is hard to fathom only scoring 2 runs in the span of four games. It's not going to get any easier on the road. It's off to Toronto, Boston, and New York. While we are mired in a nine game losing streak, it could be a big one when they get home if they don't start to get it together. One team that I'm really starting to root for is the Pirates.

They have been down for so long. I don't know if they can sustain it, but it is fun. I'm not jumping on their bandwagon, but I will be watching to see if they continue to win, and do well. It is fun to see the Buccos be relevant again, instead of a laughing stock of a franchise.

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  1. The Rangers do have a pretty good young staff - a fact that was forgotten in all the Cliff Lee discussions. Still, it does seem like the Mariners are really struggling as well. Hopefully for the sake of the fans they can put something together quick.