Saturday, July 16, 2011

Somebody clue me in

I've been seeing everywhere for the last few days everyone clamoring over A&G. I see it every year, and don't understand the phenomenon. All of these parallels, unusual subsets, and proverbial nonsense in a baseball card set.

I have decided to buck the system. Instead of going after the new fad for the month, I'm going after something old. While I only own a very few cards from this set, it is still my favorite from my childhood. Our great friend and blogger extraordinaire Night Owl recently put up a poll and included this card:

My very first year of collecting had me buying 1979 Topps. I own complete sets of 79 and 81 Topps, but have neglected to work on the 1980 set. I love this set from the flags for position and team, to the all around strange photography. I always liked the fake autos on the front, the blue backs with the cartoons, and the all-around awesomeness of players in the set. I am so glad that the blog 1980 Topps Baseball blog has been out and slowly shows us card by card the 1980 set.

Consider this a call to all persons that have some extra 80's laying around, I'm looking for cards. The four things I collect right now are, Super Set Mariners, Angels in the Desert, 1980 Topps, and player collection cards for my son's favorites.


  1. We are the few who are not fascinated by Ginter. People hype this product way too much.

  2. I don't get it either. I like the Yankee cards but have no use for cards of apes or ghosts or flowers. And all the hits I've seen seem just as sucky as GQ. Lots of Angel Pagan.

  3. I've got some 1980's cards laying around. I'm also trying to complete the set. If you'd like we can set up a a trade.

  4. I have never understood Ginter, and probably never will. I mean, why would I card of a tree? A tree! At three bucks a pack/four cards per pack, and I have equal chances of pulling an elevator or something like that as I do of pulling regular MLBers? No thank you.

  5. I am a huge Ginter fan, but this year goes over the top with the weirdness. Try 2007-2009 Ginter, those are the peak years.