Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some kept and some snatched

Not too long ago, Kevin aka The Diamond King asked me if I could use some cards for my player collections. Me being someone to never say not to cards of players I like, I said I would like to get more player cards. A small bubble mailer shows up from the southern part of my state in the mailbox and it didn't disappoint. My son and I opened it up together, and he started making two piles. One for him and one for me. I'm sure you know who ended up with bigger stack in this deal. His first player to go into his stack was all these awesome cards of this stud my son wants to pitch like.

My son was blown away that Nolan pitched for all those teams and lasted as many years as he did.

Just as good if not better in the end as in the beginning.

He then puts this guy to my side, because he hasn't heard of him and dad needs some cards. I really think that Dale is not appreciated enough for what he did during his career.

My son than puts the card from this guy to his side. During regular season baseball this year he wore #8. He watched videos of Willie from the 1979 World Series. His team mates were calling him "Pops" all season. He wanted to be the leader of the team, and the happy teammate like Willie.

As soon as we got to this guy in the stack of cards, Andrew says, "I know dad, don't say it. This guy is all yours, I know that anything Tony is all you." Smart kid, I've taught him well. I still love Mr. Padre.

Lastly in the pile of players was some love from the legendary Big Papi. David was one of the two players my son wanted represent in All-Stars this year by wearing #34. To Andrew, 34 means Papi, Felix Hernandez, and Nolan Ryan for part of his career. He didn't know he was with the Twins. I said yes, and was he was in the Mariners organization as David Arias before we traded him away.

Big thanks again to Kevin, and go read The Diamond King. He does an awesome job, and holds some cool contests too. Thanks from two Washingtonians to another for some great cards.

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