Monday, July 25, 2011

What's next?

OK, that didn't work. Eric Wedge tried yesterday to exercise the demons this team has been facing by shaving the moustache. Maybe we need to sacrifice one of our under .200 hitters to the baseball gods at home plate in Yankee Stadium today.

That didn't work even though we were able to put up 8 runs. How do you continue to put up 5 to 8 runs and still get your butts handed to you? Have they given up and are just going through the motions? I don't see it getting any better now going into the Bronx and then home to take on the Rays. I wonder how much longer they hold onto Wedge? I'm sure the heat on the Hot Seat is cranking up. This getting kind of depressing. Hey Yankees fans, do you think you could spare a win out of pity for this team??

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