Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black or Blue?

Just an off the wall observation, and totally has nothing to do with cards. I don't get to see Toronto that often. Are they still the Blue Jays anymore or are they just the Jays now? I didn't see much blue last night.

I do know that they do wear a throwback blue jersey on occasion, but what's with all the black? Where is the cool logo with the bird, the ball, and the maple leaf? That "T" on their hats look like a couple of swipes of toothpaste.

Sorry for the off center rant, just a sight I saw for 14 innings last night, and was wondering what everyone thought, or if you even cared?


  1. I haven't liked Toronto's uniforms since they switched. They're pretty much colorless.

  2. You need to go to UniWatch! I'm sure Paul Lukas and the gang have picked over the Jays uniforms ad infinitum!