Saturday, February 23, 2013

Free box break recap

Well, I hope everyone had some fun with seeing what goodness of free cards I won from Topps. I really had fun opening packs, sorting them out, and making posts for you to see. I sat down and looked everything over and here are the stats of how the box came out.

As everyone may or may not know, there are 36 packs of 10 cards each in a hobby box. That means 360 cards with the hopes of making the 330 card base set. I opened all 36 packs to these results:

Base Cards: 299/330 (90.6% complete) only needed 31 cards...
No duplicates of base cards!!

Emerald Parallels: 6 cards
Gold Parallels: 4 Cards
Black Parallels: 1 cards
Cut to the chase die-cuts: 3 Cards
Chasing history: 9 Cards
Calling Cards: 3 Cards
1972 minis: 9 Cards
Chasing the Dream: 6 Cards
The Greats: 2 cards
Million Dollar Chase: 5 cards
Relic Cards: 1 card

If you count it up, that is 49 cards of inserts and other nonsense. I guess the good news is I was able to make my Mariners for 2013 so far out of the box. My son decided that he wanted the Giants since no one else jumped on them. The only card not in the box was #260 of the NLDS Game 5. If anyone that is sending me cards for the cards out of this box has this one could you throw it in for the boy? I want everyone that has claimed cards, I will try to start getting everything together today. If I don't make it in time to mail them, I will try this week depending on work, if not it might be next Saturday before they go out. Thanks for hanging out with me on the box and let's get Spring Training going....Baseball is back!!!


  1. I had the Giants as a second team in a group break so I. Have a bunch of extras I don't need. Will include them in a deal.

  2. Thanks for the cards you set aside for me!