Sunday, February 10, 2013

Brighter than the sun!!

First off I will admit I am more of a rock kind of guy. It doesn't make if it's rock from the 60's all the way to a lot of modern rock. I do like that song by Colbie Caillat, and she's easy on the eyes too. I know how does her and the song relate to cards?? Follow my lead and you will see...

Not too long ago, I hooked up with Ryan of Building a Better Collection about working a deal. I sent him some Braves and some other random football stuff for some Mariners he had laying around. The first thing of beauty was my first 2013 Topps card of flamethrower Carter Capps.

There were some colorful shiny cards of parallels from the last few years, but the blinding need that was in there starts with these cards that are now 25 years old!! That's right folks, 1988 Score Rookie&Traded is 25!!

Also not to be out done on the brightness scale was the last needs to a very cheery set in the 1991 Fleer updates. These four guys found their place to the Super Set, and I continue to chip away at whats left  of the less than 200 cards I need to finish it. Maybe you have some I need, or I might hit Sportlots one day.

A big thanks again goes out to Ryan, and hit him up if you have Braves, or Redskins laying around and want to hook up a trade!!

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