Sunday, February 17, 2013

Free box break packs 7-12

What do you say, should we take a shot at the next part of this free box from Topps? Here's what the next six pack holds:

Pack 7:

61 Trevor Bauer- Arizona Diamondbacks
316 Josh Reddick- Oakland A's

3 Hunter Pence- San Francisco Giants
(I love guys who might be pros, but will still choke up trying to get a hit)
23 Jemile Weeks- Oakland A's
100 Mike Moutstakas- Kansas City Royals
268 David Lough- Kansas City Royals
Gold 24 Dan Haren- Angels #1435/2013
TM-34 Andrew McCutchen 1972 mini- Pittsburgh Pirates
327 Jhonny Peralta- Detroit Tigers
285 Addison Reed- Chicago White Sox

Pack 8:

143 Jim Johnson- Baltimore Orioles
131 Ian Kennedy- Arizona Diamondbacks

277 Brendan Ryan- Seattle Mariners
(the first Mariner I need, and you have to love the 'stache and the turn at 2nd)
296 Didi Gregorius- Cincinnati Reds
TM-17 Johnny Cueto 1972 mini- Cincinnati Reds

TG-9 Rickey Henderson The Greats- Oakland A's
Fuji are interested in Rickey??
130 Jason Motte- St. Louis Cardinals
280 Rafael Dolis- Chicago Cubs

Pack 9:

6 Ryan Howard- Philadelphia Phillies
252 Dustin Ackley- Seattle Mariners
58 Jeremy Hellickson- Tampa Bay Rays
4 Yadier Molina- St. Louis Cardinals
196 Ryan Vogelsong World Series Game 3- San Francisco Giants
78 Dylan Bundy- Baltimore Orioles
Million Dollar Chase Card I'm not playing it, so claim the code if you want it
166 Logan Ondrusek- Cincinnati Reds

164 Lucas Harrell- Houston Astros
(the new member of the AL West needs some love, the new old logo rocks!!)
56 Joe Blanton- LA Dodgers

Pack 10:

281 David Hernandez- Arizona Diamondbacks
134 Jake Arrieta- Baltimore Orioles
222 Jason Heyward- Atlanta Braves
294 AL Avg Leaders Cabrera,Trout,Beltre
84 Adieny Hechavarria- Toronto Blue Jays
Gold 75 Barry Zito- San Francisco Giants #1176/2013
CH-7 Carlos Santana HR Switch hitter- Cleveland Indians
168 Kyle Farnsworth- Tampa Bay Rays

211 Jarrod Parker- Oakland A's
(I love when the A's go with the "gold" or bright green retro jerseys)
184 Geovany Soto- Texas Rangers

Pack 11:

118 Daisuke Matsuzaka- Boston Red Sox
267 Jason Kipnis- Cleveland Indians
9 Dee Gordon- LA Dodgers

207 Matt Holliday- St. Louis Cardinals
(This reminds me of a certain Play at the Plate lover...)
170 Eury Perez- Washington Nationals
97 Danny Espinoza- Washington Nationals
Black 299 Darwin Barney- Chicago Cubs #26/62
CD-5 Matt Moore Tampa Bay Rays
293 Jeff Karstens- Pittsburgh Pirates
117 Aubrey Huff- San Francisco Giants

Pack 12:

48 Ryan Cook- Oakland A's
128 Buster Posey- San Francisco Giants
Temporarily held for my son, who's loving Buster

218 Ben Zobrist- Tampa Bay Rays
(Ben beats Mariner Jesus to score in front of nobody)
284 Angel Pagan- San Francisco Giants
27 Mike Trout- Angels
253 Adam Greenberg- Miami Marlins
TM-18 Carlos Santana 1972 mini- Cleveland Indians
325 Kevin Millwood- Seattle Mariners
230 David Robertson- NY Yankees
306 Jerry Hairston- LA Dodgers

Not a bad run of six packs for me. Three more Mariners in the binder to keep for the Super Set. I will return for another run of six packs for you.


  1. Would love to trade for that Rickey if Fuji doesnt! Have a few of the B. Ryan parallels as well!

    1. The Rickey is set aside for either you or Fuji. I only thought with his proximity to Oakland he might want it. If not " the greatest of all time according to Rickey" is yours.

  2. I'd like the Gold 24 Dan Haren, the #27 Mike Trout, and the code card.

    1. The Haren, Trout, and a code card are yours. I will set them aside for you.

  3. I would love to trade for any Pedro Alvarez or Andrew McCutchen cards!!!

    1. I know Cutch is coming soon. If you want, I will hold the Pirates for you.

  4. Could I put in a claim on Braves, as well as the Matt Moore? Thanks!

    1. The Braves are yours. I will put you down for anything I get Matt Moore.

  5. I do like those play at the plate cards! I've got some Series 1 M's set aside for you after your box is done. We'll see what you need. If at the end, no one wants the codes, I'll take them off your hands.

  6. You got more Giants in this set of packs. Much better :)