Sunday, February 17, 2013

Free box break pack 13-18

This six pack will take us to the halfway point of the free cards that Topps let me win. Let jump in for some more goodness.

Pack 13:

328 Jayson Werth- Washington Nationals
257 Mike Minor- Atlanta Braves
62 Tommy Hunter- Baltimore Orioles
26 Chase Utley- Philadelphia Phillies
172 Nyjer Morgan- Milwaukee Brewers
136 Tyler Clippard- Washington Nationals
Emerald 148 L.J. Hoes- Baltimore Orioles
104 Jed Lowrie- Houston Astros

273 Dexter Fowler- Colorado Rockies
(if it is a short grounder, put your head down and run DON'T WATCH IT!!)
195 Chris Heisey- Cincinnati Reds

Pack 14:

25 Mark Teixeira- NY Yankees
107 Joe Mauer- Minnesota Twins
202 Zack Cozart- Cincinnati Reds

232 Jake Odorizzi- Kansas City Royals
(there is something about road powder blues that I loved in the 80's)

CH-49 Jackie Robinson Bat Crown- Brooklyn Dodgers
TG-25 Albert Pujols The Greats- Angels
291 Ryan Sweeney- Boston Red Sox
139 Bobby Parnell- NY Mets

Pack 15:

59 John Axford- Milwaukee Brewers
219 Josh Beckett- LA Dodgers

151 Alex Rios- Chicago White Sox
(I liked the red '72 throwbacks, I'm really looking forward to the '83 retros this year)
256 Madison Bumgarner WS Game 2- San Francisco Giants
89 Johan Santana Record Chase Checklist- NY Mets

CC-6 Willie Stargell-Pittsburgh Pirates
Come to my collection POPS!!
Million Dollar Chase Card- Claim the code
96 Edward Mujica- St. Louis Cardinals
163 J.A. Happ- Toronto Blue Jays
73 Brandon Crawford- San Francisco Giants

Pack 16:

116 Brian McCann- Atlanta Braves
108 Kendrys Morlaes- Angels
(welcome to Seattle, Mr. Morales)
44 Anthony Rizzo- Chicago Cubs
95 AL Wins Leaders Price,Weaver,Harrison
5 Carlos Gonzalez- Colorado Rockies

311 Rajai Davis- Toronto Blue Jays
(I love the walk off win shots, but there's too many people to figure out where Rajai is)
TM-10 Adrian Gonzalez 1972 mini- LA Dodgers
244 Lucas Luetge- Seattle Mariners
235 Jake Westbrook- St. Louis Cardinals
314 A.J. Ellis- LA Dodgers

Pack 17:

275 Johnny Cueto- Cincinnati Reds
135 Eric Hosmer- Kansas City Royals

255 Josh Johnson- Miami Marlins
(the rarely seen orange hat and high orange socks make Josh a bright guy)
189 NL Avg Leaders Posey, McCutchen,Braun
Temporary hold of another Buster for the boy

76 Brandon Inge- Oakland A's
(they are play fighting but their teammates seem like they couldn't care less)
185 Rob Scahill- Colorado Rockies
CD-25 Mike Moustakas- Kansas City Royals
319 Brian Bogusevic- Houston Astros
165 Ramon Hernandez- Colorado Rockies
251 Sean Marshall- Cincinnati Reds

Pack 18:

329 Rafael Soriano- NY Yankees
38 Brian Wilson- San Francisco Giants
133 James Shields- Tampa Bay Rays

94 AL ERA Leaders Price,Verlander,Weaver
(that would be an awesome top 3 of a rotation, nice red white and blue of unis)
298 Pablo Sandoval WS Game 1- San Francisco Giants
271 Jeurys Familia- NY Mets
CH-50 Sandy Koufax Career No-Hitters- LA Dodgers
299 Darwin Barney- Chicago Cubs
167 Luke Hochevar- Kansas City Royals
212 Eric Chavez- NY Yankees

I think it's safe to say there's a little bit of everything in that six for everybody. Soon to come, six more packs of free stuff.


  1. May also be interested in the Pujols The Greats!

  2. I can use the AL ERA Leaders card with Weaver. Dimwit beat me to the Pujols!

    1. The leader card is yours. I'll let you guys decide on the Pujols who wants it

  3. i'm in for the koufax and the jackie.

    1. No problem. Jackie and Sandy are set aside for you.