Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Free box break packs 19-24

I hope everyone is enjoying seeing what I won from Topps. If you want something you see let me know. What do you say should we start on the second half of the box??

Pack 19:

24 Dan Haren- Angels
229 Jeff Samardzija- Chicago Cubs

141 Carlos Santana- Cleveland Indians
(is it just me or does Carlos look like a Transformer in all that color coordinated gear?)
30 Neftali Feliz- Texas Rangers
121 Delmon Young- Detroit Tigers
183 Drew Hutchison- Toronto Blue Jays
CH-14 Lou Brock Career SB's- St. Louis Cardinals
297 Michael Saunders- Seattle Mariners
216 Josh Willingham- Minnesota Twins
238 Carlos Zambrano- Miami Marlins

Pack 20:

22 Clayton Kershaw- LA Dodgers
213 Alex Rodriguez- NY Yankees
75 Barry Zito- San Francisco Giants
194 AL RBI Leaders Cabrera, Hamilton, Encarnacion
12 A.J. Pierzynski- Chicago White Sox
197 Tyler Cloyd- Philadelphia Phillies
Million Dollar Chase Card- I'm still not playing this thing
57 Mark Lowe- Texas Rangers

220 Octavio Dotel- Detroit Tigers
(the Tigers are stop 13 on Octavio's baseball World Tour like a rock band)
106 Drew Stubbs- Cincinnati Reds

Pack 21:

68 Colby Rasmus- Toronto Blue Jays
201 Johnny Venters- Atlanta Braves
302 Aaron Hill- Arizona Diamondbacks
317 Baltimore Orioles AL Wild Card
82 Jason Vargas- Seattle Mariners
79 Adam Eaton- Arizona Diamondbacks
TM-25 Jose Reyes 1972 mini- Miami Marlins
(funny that they didn't PhotoShop it like the base card)

209 David DeJesus- Chicago Cubs
(if David isn't careful he'll get lost in the ivy like Andre Dawson did last season)
182 Randy Choate- LA Dodgers
156 Dillon Gee- NY Mets

Pack 22:

200 Scott Downs- Angels
(I grew up with the Halos, I wish they would go back to the California name and look)
191 Chris Capuano- LA Dodgers

227 Jose Altuve- Houston Astros
(I know these have been said to be the worst unis of all time, but I still think they rock!)
103 Evan Longoria- Tampa Bay Rays
270 Manny Machado- Baltimore Orioles
40 Chien-Ming Wang- Washington Nationals
CD-24 Brett Lawrie- Toronto Blue Jays
160 Stephen Drew- Oakland A's
92 Clint Barmes- Pittsburgh Pirates
181 Jeff Keppinger- Tampa Bay Rays

Pack 23:

308 Desmond Jennings- Tampa Bay Rays
43 R.A. Dickey- NY Mets
122 Andrew McCutchen- Pittsburgh Pirates
109 Kirk Nieuwenhuis- NY Mets
261 Trevor Rosenthal- St. Louis Cardinals
288 Starling Marte- Pittsburgh Pirates
Gold 22 Clayton Kershaw- LA Dodgers #0582/2013
Emerald 111 Casey Kelly- San Diego Padres

31 Jose Tabata- Pittsburgh Pirates
(3 Buccos in one pack? I like the running catch, and for some reason I want a Budweiser???)
154 Sergio Romo- San Francisco Giants

Pack 24:

36 Jared Weaver- Angels
123 Rickie Weeks- Milwaukee Brewers

80 Ryan Zimmerman- Washington Nationals
(I think this kid has the potential to turn into a big star this year in DC)
35 Justin Verlander- Detroit Tigers
266 Albert Pujols Record Chase Checklist- Angels
304 Kyle Drabek- Toronto Blue Jays
Emerald 90 Andy Pettitte Record Chase Checklist- NY Yankees
53 Alex Cobb- Tampa Bay Rays
144 Jason Bay- NY Mets
(welcome to Seattle, Mr. Bay)
198 Chris Coghlan- Miami Marlins

Two thirds of the way through the box. I like the design, but I'm glad I won instead of buying the box. Is it just me or does it seem like some teams from the East have a ton of cards in this set? Where's the West Coast love man??


  1. Since nobody claimed the code card yet, I'll take it.

  2. I agree about the old "tequila sunrise" Astros uniforms.

    ...and I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the emerald Kelly (double green!) if nobody else has snagged it up.

    1. The Kelly is yours. If you want all the Padres minus the mini Tony they are yours.