Thursday, February 21, 2013

Free box break- the final 6 pack

It's kind of like American Idol, Only this is way better. The final 6 will be on stage today, your job is to look and see what you like. Let's get to the cards...

Pack 31:

37 Max Scherzer- Detroit Tigers
20 Kevin Youkilis- Chicago White Sox
149 Yovani Gallardo- Milwaukee Brewers

254 Sean Burnett- Washington Nationals
(there's something about those stars&stripes jerseys that makes me feel patriotic)
171 Brock Holt- Pittsburgh Pirates
Million Dollar Chase Card another code to give away
Spring Fever Redemption card good for 2/20-2/27
226 Derek Lowe- NY Yankees
146 Kyle McClellan- St. Louis Cardinals
102 Denard Span- Minnesota Twins

Pack 32:

15 Dustin Pedroia- Boston Red Sox
(my son likes Dustin because he's a small guy that plays all out, like he does)
105 Freddie Freeman- Atlanta Braves
16 Andre Ethier- LA Dodgers
282 Russell Martin- NY Yankees
173 Tyler Skaggs- Arizona Diamondbacks

CH-35 Hank Aaron Career HR's- Atlanta Braves
CTC-2 Ken Griffey Jr- Seattle Mariners
(Two HOF'er inserts! Ken is held for a new blogger I'm making a stack for)
237 Brandon Lyon- Toronto Blue Jays
45 Travis Ishikawa- Milwaukee Brewers

Pack 33:

52 CC Sabathia- NY Yankees
137 Edinson Volquez- San Diego Padres

34 Felix Hernandez- Seattle Mariners
(the King makes series 1 complete for me. He is ours for the next 7 years baby!!)
88 Jamey Carroll- Minnesota Twins
10 Adam Jones- Baltimore Orioles
175 A.J. Ramos- Miami Marlins
CD-18 Chris Sale- Chicago White Sox
CC-9 R.A. Dickey Calling Card- NY Mets
318Hiroki Kuroda- NY Yankees
217 Brian Matusz- Baltimore Orioles

Pack 34:

29 Adrian Beltre- Texas Rangers
233 Edwin Jackson- Washington Nationals
255 Will Venable- San Diego Padres
142 Tony Cingrani- Cincinnati Reds
TM-23 Clayton Kershaw 1972 mini- LA Dodgers

CDR-DW David Wright Mets Hits relic- NY Mets
(I said it wasn't a jaw dropper, but it is pretty good player)
265 Tyler Colvin- Colorado Rockies
178 Justin Maxwell- Houston Astros

Pack 35:

47 Howie Kendrick- Angels
72 Gerardo Parra- Arizona Diamondbacks
309 Endy Chavez- Baltimore Orioles

331 Jose Reyes- Toronto Blue Jays
(the non SP #331 since we didn't use 7 for Mickey Mantle)
119 Chris Davis- Baltimore Orioles
124 Ricky Romero- Toronto Blue Jays
Emerald 261 Trevor Rosenthal- St. Louis Cardinals
242 Matt Kemp- LA Dodgers
21 Lucas Duda- NY Mets
98 Gaby Sanchez- Pittsburgh Pirates

Pack 36:

120 Ian Desmond- Washington Nationals
210 Vernon Wells- Angels
169 Brad Ziegler- Arizona Diamondbacks
278 Christian Garcia- Washington Nationals
224 Jon Jay- St. Louis Cardinals
Gold 68 Colby Rasmus- Toronto Blue Jays #0893/2013
Emerald 199 Avisail Garcia- Detroit Tigers
188 Brian Fuentes- St. Louis Cardinals
262 Kevin Correia- Pittsburgh Pirates

190 Daniel Descalso- St. Louis Cardinals
(so much goodness with stirrups and flying to make the play)

There it is ladies and gentlemen. The free box sent to me by Topps. I need to sit and sort it all out to see how close I was to making a set out of a hobby box. I got the Mariners I needed so that is a great thing! Feel Free to hit me for what you want out of this thing, if you could help my collections that would be a big help. I hope everyone enjoyed what I got!


  1. I can use the Howie Kendrick, and if nobody else claims the code card I'll take it too.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Howie is yours. If you are ok with it, I will split the code cards between you and play at the plate since asked awhile back too if that's fair.

    2. Absolutely, I just didnt want them to go unclaimed :-)

  2. ill claim the david wright and the r a dickey if thats ok

    1. I will set those two aside for you. Shoot me an email and I will set aside other Mets if you want or just those two.

    2. ill take all the mets cards that are unclamied and its

  3. hello im corey a huge toops collector i have a multitude of mariners to share.. looking for:: all autos/relis from 2013 as i am trying for the sets... i truly will hook you up super well!