Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free box break packs 25-30

Let's give everyone another six pack of cards to see if you can something you like. We have this one and one more to see if we can finish this bad boy off. I forgot how much I miss opening packs, but I know I'm not going out and buying a bunch of stuff just to rip, it's funner to do this for you guys and gals!

Pack 25:

70 Todd Frazier- Cincinnati Reds

126 Dan Uggla- Atlanta Braves
(I grew up on the Braves on WTBS, but I don't remember them looking ripped like Danny)
310 Edwin Encarnacion- Toronto Blue Jays
179  Detroit Tigers ALCS Game 4
330 Ryan Raburn- Detroit Tigers
CH-30 Adam Dunn 400th HR- Chicago White Sox

CC-4 David Ortiz Calling Card- Boston Red Sox
Andrew has laid claim to Papi, he still loves David
248 Colby Lewis-Texas Rangers
192 Javier Lopez- San Francisco Giants
18 Mitch Moreland- Texas Rangers

Pack 26:

11 Yu Darvish- Texas Rangers

55 Tim Lincecum- San Francisco Giants
(I love the Giants Orange Friday jerseys, and Timmy is a local kid we think rocks)
33 Cliff Lee- Philadelphia Phillies
246 NL HR Leaders Braun, Stanton, Bruce
153 AL HR Leaders Cabrera, Hamilton, Granderson
83 Darin Ruf- Philadelphia Phillies
TM-38 Adrian Beltre 1972 mini- Texas Rangers
289 Jeremy Guthrie- Kansas City Royals
239 Ramon Santiago- Detroit Tigers
323 Michael Brantley- Cleveland Indians
(Michael's dad Mickey started in the Mariners system)

Pack 27:

147 Ivan Nova- NY Yankees

320 Michael Young- Texas Rangers
(that is one nice looking throwback uniform for the Rangers)
138 Michael Morse- Washington Nationals
(welcome back to Seattle, Mr. Morse)
67 San Francisco Giants WS Game 4
290 Tom Layne- San Diego Padres

CTC-25 Josh Hamilton- Texas Rangers
Million Dollar Chase Card give me base cards and stop wasting my time...
215 Gordon Beckham- Chicago White Sox
279 Vincente Padilla- Boston Red Sox

Pack 28:

2 Derek Jeter- NY Yankees
(I don't like the Yankees, but there's nothing bad I can say about Derek he's total class)
127 Giancarlo Stanton- Miami Marlins
28 Prince Fielder- Detroit Tigers
81 NL ERA Leaders Kershaw,Dickey,Cueto
269 St. Louis Cardinals NLDS Game 5
286 Jurickson Profar- Texas Rangers
CH-8 Rickey Henderson Career SB's- Oakland A's
174 Jason Grilli- Pittsburgh Pirates
321 Allen Craig- St. Louis Cardinals
132 Ryan Vogelsong- San Francisco Giants

Pack 29:

155 Mat Latos- Cincinnati Reds
113 Starlin Castro- Chicago Cubs
115 Tim Hudson- Atlanta Braves

112 Mark Reynolds- Baltimore Orioles
(once the O's went back to the cartoon bird, they were winners. Coincidence??)
303 Alex Rodriguez Record Chase Checklist- NY Yankees
231 Melky Mesa- NY Yankees
Million Dollar Chase Card Please stop. I don't want to play your game
77 Dustin Moseley- San Diego Padres
74 Kenley Jansen- LA Dodgers
243 Aaron Crow- Kansas City Royals

Pack 30:

240 JJ Putz- Arizona Diamondbacks
(I like the combo of old and new, but the colors clash. Dennis loves JJ the Wolverine!)
214 Curtis Granderson- NY Yankees
8 Ryan Braun- Milwaukee Brewers
42 Detroit Tigers ALDS Game 5
17 Shin-Soo Choo- Cleveland Indians
65 J.P.Howell- Tampa Bay Rays

TM-43 Tony Gwynn 1972 mini- San Diego Padres
(Mr. Padre and current SDSU coach comes home to my collection!!)
162 Kyle Seager- Seattle Mariners
292 Matt Thornton- Chicago White Sox
51 Jonathan Broxton- Cincinnati Reds

OK, that's 5/6's of the box. We haven't found the "hit" for the box yet. It doesn't matter to me though. I know it's coming in these last six packs. It's not too bad, I think someone will claim it since it is of no use to me. It isn't a barn burner, but I wouldn't mind a few Mariners, Angels, Willie's, or Murphs I need for it. It is coming soon for you to see.


  1. I'll take the code cards since you have such a disdain for them!

    1. No disdain, just that I decided the last few years I don't want to deal with the extra work Topps makes us do.

  2. I'll gladly take any of the Cut To The Chase die-cuts off your hands please & thank you!

    1. I can put the two Texas one aside for you. The Griffey is going to a special Jr collector soon. Shoot me an email and I will get everybody's cards out soon.

  3. That Tony is a beaut; nice score!

  4. Topps did a great job of capturing Timmy in action... and congratulations on pulling the Gwynn!