Friday, December 30, 2011


I know it was going to be a high flying, entertaining affair. I thought we had a good chance. We let it slip away.

If you didn't sit down and watch this game last night, you missed out. While neither team has a defense to talk about, the offenses were as advertised. This was the first time I actually got the see more of RG3 than just highlights. That kid is good. The one who looked like a Heisman winner last night was UW's Keith Price. The kid throws for 438 and 4 TD's, and run for 3 more TD's. To think he's only a sophomore!

One thing I would like to say to Coach Sark that I've said all year: FIRE NICK HOLT!! I even do the dirty work for you, I would tell him right now, GET OUT!! Dude coaches his defense to give up 777 yards on defense. He has done nothing on the defense all year and we got our pants pulled and spanked last night.

Congratulations to Baylor even if I'm bitter over the 67-56 loss. I have great hope for the Dawgs next year. Keith Price will be back and most all the offense minus probably Chris Polk will be here. Look out Pac 12, the Dawgs are coming for you next year.

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