Friday, December 9, 2011

Put up or SHUT up

As we all know, the baseball world got a bit of a shock yesterday. Some unknown named Albert Pujols got a 10 year $254 million dollar deal from the Angels. They also got C.J. Wilson which will help their rotation put not as much as some pitchers.  Now that the Rangers are still strong, and the Angels just got a whole lot better, it's time for the Mariners to do it, or we will get left behind in the division for a long time.
Marketing idea for the Mariners for next year:

The King's Court make a return next year,

And we add the Prince's Porch. I'm not the biggest fan of his, but the kid can play. He would help bring fans back to a struggling franchise. I think he would be a start this year, and once we save 18 million next year on an older RF we can go after some more talent in the off season next year. I have faith in Jackie Z, let's make it happen management.

King's court and Prince's Porch
in 2012!!

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  1. You realize we'll probably be screwed again next year, talented rotation and a ton of bats that can't get on base. I'm really hoping they sign Prince, but I wont be surprised if our team is made up of mostly 40 year olds....sigh.

    There's always the Tigers who spent nearly as many years in irrelevancy haha.