Friday, December 2, 2011

Owl Droppings

I came home yesterday to a small but much appreciated package in my mailbox. Thankfully it wasn't on my doorstep for me to step in. We all know about Greg from Night Owl Cards. He is one of the best bloggers about cards, is a die hard Dodgers fan, and is a very generous giver of cards. When I opened it up I felt like Brendan Ryan, and wanted to congratulate somebody like Adam Kennedy here.

The nice thing about those two cards is that finishes 2011 for me. Also in the little bubble, I was PINEDA'd!! As a Mariners fan I think that is a good thing. Even though his second half kind of fell off, you can see the potential in this kid for years to come. I think he and Felix are good building blocks to start around.

Also in there was a sad reminder of the tragedy that struck the Mariners family not too long ago. Two new cards of former Greg Halman. It is sad that he was taken over something so petty.

Big thanks again to one of the kings of the card world in the Night Owl. If you want cards or have cards to give you need to get in contact with him. I know everybody reads his works, how could you not? Thanks Owl!

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  1. Little did I know that Adam Kennedy would become a Dodger while his card was in the air to you.