Thursday, December 22, 2011

The King's Crown Jewels

Not too long ago, our friend Kevin at The Diamond King had a little contest. I shouldn't call it little when there were many chances to win. I decided to get in on a second entry and won that day's loot. I went for it because it had two cards I thought would be hardest to ever get to finish off my Mariners collection. The two biggest Mariner RC's:

I guess I won't have to pay some LCS top dollar for those cards to go in the binder. Also in the winnings was a 1981 Topps Nolan Ryan in all his Astros orange glory. The fourth card might be desired by some fans of the HOF'er or just Cubs fans in general. I would be open to trading Ryne for some Mariners I need if you got them.

Big thanks again to Kevin for his great contest, and for getting them up the I-5 corridor in time for Christmas.


  1. That's the one day I entered that contest but if I didn't win I'm glad you did since you're definitely the person that would have appreciated winning that the most. Wait a minute, I think that drawing was RIGGED! Well, congrats anyway!

  2. Wow, you won those for free? Those are some super nice cards there!

  3. I'll make you a Mariner & Griffey heavey offer for the Sandberg. Email me,

  4. That's a pretty sweet prize. Congrats!