Sunday, January 1, 2012

Whata you wanna do with your life??!!

I WANNA ROCK!! Oh yeah, I'm blogging about cards not 80's hair metal.
Do you have a collection plan for the year? I know what my plan is. I really want to get some of these Mariner cards added to my super collection. I did widdle it down a little more after stopping by my favorite LCS.

I spent a couple hours this morning going through the binders and spreadsheets and cross checking the numbers. I'm up to date. It's hard to believe that after all these years I now own 3003 Mariners cards that are in the binder. I'm still 361 cards short of having all the bases from the big five makers. I REALLY want to get that number down to 100 or less before Opening Day in April. Can you help? I know you can.

I figure if I add in duplicates and all the other makers and sets, I must currently have about 8 to 10 thousand total Mariners cards. I also really want to try and get the 100+ cards I need to finish off the Angels in the Desert PC. I am working on trying finalize the checklists of haves and needs for the few Player Collections I want to work on this year. The four for sure on that list are Tony Gwynn, Alvin Davis, Dale Murphy, and Willie Stargell. I think I might seriously look to severely thin out the tons of cards I have that I don't want or need. I'm thinking about a huge team by team sale later in the year. I will want your charity later on when Topps comes out to help me. I hope that I and all you other bloggers can hopefully meet our collecting desires this year.

Happy New Year to all from the Great Northwest!!

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  1. Rock on! Best of luck on your 2012 goals... I posted mine earlier today and it looks like I've already met one of my eight goals, thanks to a reader. Happy New Years!