Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Big Game

Today is one of the greatest days in college football. In Washington DC today, they will play the 112th game in this great rivalry. It is the Army-Navy game.

There is no losers in the end of this game except in the standings. All of these young men that play the game, and all the men and ladies in the stands deserve high praise. You may not know one name on either roster, but if this game doesn't get you excited, you're crazy. Navy is looking to extend their win streak to 10 games this year over Army. Which side do find yourself tending to root for? Are you with the Black Knights

Or do you you believe in the power of Fear the Goat

I personally know where my loyalty has stood in this rivalry for many years. Having a friend's son graduate from one of these academies a few years just helped increase my love for the school. I hope to be hearing plenty of Anchors Aweigh and I will be behind the Midshipmen again today.

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