Wednesday, November 30, 2011

(Not so) Hot Stove League

While we all know it is early in the off season, we need something. True, there have been a few managers come and go and some small movement of players. I like to dream big, but when it comes to my team, I'm very realistic. So many Mariners fans seem to dream big every year. This year is no different. Everyone seems to think that with Jack Zduriencik's past history we can land this guy.

I say there is no way he is coming to Seattle. If he came here he would become an overpriced DH. That's not to say his isn't a good hitter, but is any DH worth 20-25 million a year?Some lunatics have even said that we should and could bring this guy to Seattle (I say when pigs fly).

One guy that I would like to kick the tires on for the Mariners is a shortstop. I don't think there is anybody of great desire in the system for the future. I don't know what the price range is for him, or much about his past. Might look good as a DP combo with Dustin Ackley.

The Mariners have made one move bringing in John Jaso in a trade for Josh Lueke. I think it will be an upgrade behind the plate from Miguel Olivo.

Where is your team in the off season? Who would you dream of signing, or who do you think your team can realistically get for next year?


  1. The "hot" rumors in Rockies-land involve trading for David Wright. I think it would be horrible because the Arizona Fall League MVP was Nolan Arenado, Rockies third base prospect. What do we do in 2013 when he is blocked by Wright?

    But those are mostly going to be just like the Michael Young rumors last year (ie nothing). We will probably sign or trade for a retread bench player like last year with Wigginton and Lopez (thanks for him BTW ugh). I could see possibly a Nick Johnson or Rick Ankiel brought in along with a starter like Erik Bedard or Aaron Harang. I'd love to get Oswalt, but he ain't coming to Denver.

  2. As a Royals fan, I think it would be awesome if they could pick-up a great set-up man...oh they did? Broxton? Okay.

    It would be nice if they could re-signed Bruce Chen...wha?..him too? Okay.

    I guess all that's left is to pick up Pujols for DH and go to the World Series.

  3. My team is most likely losing the first guy you mentioned and banking of a prospect (Mat Gamel) to fill his shoes. Gamel has done well in the minors, but yet to show much of anything in the majors.

    It'd be nice if the Brew Crew could do something to keep some momentum going, Reyes would be perrrrfect, but highly unlikely. Or if a miracle happens and Prince decides to stay in MIL and stay in Braun's shadow.

  4. The Cubs signed David DeJesus and the fans yawned. Well, actually some were interested in the signing, but more because of his wife.