Sunday, November 20, 2011

Seattle's Most Wanted

OK, maybe not the city of Seattle's, but my big ol' Mariners collection's most wanted. Why would I say that a star with a name like Kennedy Ryan is most wanted?? I only need them to finish off 2011 and continue the slow work on years past. Do you own BASE versions of these cards you want to part with??

US28 Adam Kennedy

US167 Brendan Ryan

Also, feel free to help out with some of the sets from the past if you would like. I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's college football. My Wolverines came up big against Nebraska, but the Huskies layed a stinker against the Beavers. Apple Cup is this weekend, just beat the damn Cougars!! I see the losing streak to the Suckeyes coming to an end in Columbus on Saturday. Go BLUE!!


  1. Check out my post that'll be up in the next few minutes. You might be interested.

  2. I have a ton of Updates dupes - I literally have 9 extra copies of US91 - Brandon League, but somehow I don't have a single dupe of the 3 cards that you need... I still have extra Ms cards I can send your way, but I can't help you finish your set... Good luck!

  3. Oh, I just realized I have both the Ryan and Kennedy base cards!

    It'll take me until at least after this week to send them out, but they'll be on their way!