Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Does it catch your eye?

As card collectors we all must have a passion for sports. Our biggest passion is the little pieces of cardboard that hold pictures of our favorite teams or players. Are you like me and also like the looks and logos of teams and events? A few baseball teams next year have BIG and not so big anniversaries. First, let's start with my local and favorite baseball team.

This is what the Mariners have decided to go with for their 35th anniversary logo in 2012. While it will look nice on their uniforms, in my opinion it is very simple. It will work though.

 I don't know if their expansion brothers in Toronto will do a 35th logo this year or not yet. Although they have gone back to a logo similar to the orginal.

The team in the Big Apple is turning 50 this year. I like the return of the skyline in their 50th logo. I think it is awesome that they went with the gold ball stitching. The only thing missing is the small NY on the building in the background. I guess they made up for it with a bigger NY on the bottom.

The one logo that I'm really loving is the newest member of the AL West. The Astros got it right for their 50th season in Houston. I like how the incorprated the old workmark from 60's and the flying ball from the late 60's. Also you can see the tequila sunrise rainbow in the background. They also put thier modern day star at the bottom. I think it is awesome that they will be doing flashback Fridays wearing the uniforms of the past. I hope to see some of those games on TV next year.

So what do you think? Do you care about asthetics and the looks and logos of yours and other teams? What are some of your favorite looks and logos??


  1. I love the return of the Blue Jays to the original style of the bird and the numbering on the jersey. I always loved that style and kind of got tired of the changes over the years.

  2. I really like what the Blue Jays have done; they're the Blue Jays again, not the Black Jays.

    The Astros really nailed it too, with all three of their historical looks.

    Is there much love in Seattle for the original trident M? Will they be bringing it back?

  3. I think all those look pretty good. My favorite has to be the Toronto Blue Jays. My mom is from Toronto, and I grew up with that logo. It brings back so many early baseball memories.

    The Dodgers will be celebrating a big anniversary this year too, the the 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium. They'll be wearing cool patch to celebrate.

  4. The Blue Jays new unis are perfect.

    I always loved the Astros rainbows (on the body of the shirt or down the sleeves). Never understood why people hated them.

    No offense to anyone, but I just think the Mets unis/logos are boring. And I don't have much room to talk, my Royals are pretty boring too.