Saturday, November 19, 2011

There's treasure in the Ivy

As we all know, I recently updated all my wantlists. I even tried to separate them out by maker to simplify. One of the bloggers who was willing to help was Paul from Wrigley Wax.

Paul is one of the many bloggers that I strive to be like someday. There are some guys that are legendary, and they know who they are. They post all the time, have great content, and are helpful with trades. While what Paul sent isn't much, it's of great importance to me. These four 1969 Pilots cards mean I need six more cards from '69, and six more from '70 complete the Pilots cards.

Anybody out there that does vintage, you know who you are, can you help? I really want to knock down all these Pilots and Mariners wants by the start of next season. With the continued help of the blog community, I know I can achieve it.

To the two bloggers out there that I know for sure will appreciate this, today is a big day. The mighty Maize and Blue take on Nebraska. We need to win this game to ride the momentum in to Columbus and kick Ohio State's butt. I know that Dennis of Too Many Grandersons, and Jeff of My Sports Obsession will agrre with me on two words today:



  1. I'm a little behind in my reading.

    GO BLUE!!!

    Don't know about you but I'm feeling much better about this weeks game with that team from Ohio after the Nebraska game outcome.