Monday, May 30, 2011

Always keep the memory

While most take the day off to relax, and some us go to a job we can't forget those that have a harder job than us. Take a moment today to remember those that have made the sacrifice for this country and our freedom to talk about cardboard and anything else we want to say. Thank a friend of family member that has served. If you seen someone in the Military today, thank them.

To the men and women out there that have and are serving this country, a BIG THANK YOU from every one us!!


  1. If you see anyone in the military any day, take a moment to thank them, I do. Sometimes it makes no difference, other times, you make someone's day that much brighter, all with 5 little words, "Thank you for your service".
    Memorial day is best summed up in two words, "Thank You".