Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Staggering Awesomeness of a Heartbreaking trade

With the way my days have been filled with work and coaching 12 year old baseball, I haven't had too much time. In this past week we have had 6 games in 7 days due to rain out makeups.  A while back, the great Matt of Heartbreaking cards of Staggering Genius got together with me to help me out with some M's Super Set needs. Early this past week, I got a small package in the mail and was excited to see what was inside. There was great assortment of cards the show Mariners players, both new and old.

Also, Matt sent some 80's cards to finish off a couple of those years. A few Upper Deck cards continue to push that manufacturer towards completion. The oldest and coolest set card from Matt was of a former President who played in Seattle:

Oh, that's right. This John Kennedy has the middle name Edward. Pretty close, JEK and JFK. Maybe the grassy knoll was a fake and he changed his name to play baseball???? Depending on your viewpoint, he was a better politician than infielder. Any card that helps me get the '69 and '70 Pilots sets done, is OK by me.

The most unexpected cards of the lot were these:

My son at one time loved Richie Sexson. He wanted to be #44 and hit bombs.

Now with him making the 2011 Mt. Rainier 12U All Star team, and pitching as well as he is he want to be the King Express. One coach told him he looks like Felix, and has the classic over the head wind up like Nolan Ryan. He decided to be #34 on the tam this year. Last year he wore 42 to honor, Jackie, and in 2009 he wore 24 to honor Willie Mays. Dad gets to coach this year, I wanted 19, but the manager took it so I will honor "Pops" with 8 this year. My son took #8 this regular season after seeing a special on the 1979 Pirates and liked Willie. His teammates even call him Pops.

Please don't think I have forgotten about sending you my end of our trade. I have a great '69 Pilot card for you Matt. Also there will be some other cards of players and teams you like. My apologies for taking so long, and my thanks for being understanding in me taking too long to get you your cards.

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  1. Glad you liked them and that they made it okay.