Saturday, May 21, 2011

I finally found one

I have been searching high and low for a 2011 Topps team set. The Target's and WalMart's around here can't seem to get them in stock. I could find the AL and NL All-Star sets, but no Mariners. While at the Mariners team store yesterday to buy tickets for next Saturday's Yankee game I found them.

While the 17 card sets have the players that we've all seen in series 1, I'm think it's safe to assume we will be seeing these seven cards as part of series2:

What would a year be with out Topps doing their usual lousy job of airbrushing guys into new uniforms. Why can't they send photographers down to spring training and get some photos at spring games?

I would rather that than these things. Jack Cust's uniform looks kind of close, but Olivo's is bad news. Why does Brendan Ryan's road grey uniform have a number on the front, and why does he still have on red sunglasses??

I like the thought of the last card being a team shot or a stadium picture. Why is it then, that we see the Cleveland Indians on the field for the stadium card and not the hometown 9?

While I feel you fell short in production on these Topps, I bought them and they will go into the binder as I try to continue to work on the Super Set of all Mariner base cards. I only need about 550 more cards to polish this bad boy off.

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