Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This Trade is Cool...

Recently Ryan of This Card Is Cool-My Life in Baseball Cards got together for a little trade. I sent him a 84 Donruss DK he needed and a few cards for his Awards/Leaders set he's building. In return, he sent me little of this and some of that. The first card is now in my son's possession:

A nice SHINY Papi card for the boy, and it's #'d to 499. He loves new cards of Mr. Ortiz.

Also were there these nice 1994 offerings from Fleer and Score to help out with the Super Set. Slowly but surely, I continue ever closer to getting this behemoth put together.

Not to be forgotten were some Mariners of different varieties, both newer and older.

Thanks again to Ryan for his help, and give him a read. He does some interesting writing and has fun stuff to show off.

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