Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Throwing money down the hole & around goes the carousel

The Mariners decided to make moves yesterday. While he may not play again this year, he will make all of the 13 million he is owed. That's right, Milton Bradley you have been DFA'd!

Also on the DFA list is extra outfielder Ryan Langerhans.

To take their places on the roster, the Mariners have brought back up Carlos Peguero.

Soon to make his Major League debut, Mike Wilson was also called up to the big league team.

I had hoped that there was a chance we would be in it a little more before we decided to start spinning the carousel from AAA tacoma to Seattle, but it will be good to see the future.

I have to give much credit to Eric Wedge for doing his best to try to get all that he could from Milton.

I would think that this is probably be the last we will ever see of him, but someone might pick him up since the M's on on the hook for the rest of the year salary wise. It was a bad deal from the start, but we did rid ourselves of Carols Silva when Milton came here. I liked Langerhans, the guy just never got the chance to play regularly. The next players I forsee been cut are probably Michael Saunders, and Jack Wilson. Let's see where the wheel spins to next...

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