Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It is my belief that when the Designated Hitter was established in 1973, it was a solid idea. It was good for older players that were still good to continue to play. It also was to help pitchers focus on pitching instead of wasting a batting spot. In today's age, the DH needs to do two things, hit for average and hit for power. How many regular DH's have hit no home runs this year? If you said this guy, you are right:

Here's how the DH's stack up for homers this year:

1. David Ortiz 7
2. Johnny Damon 6
     Jorge Posada  6
4. Travis Hafner 5
5. Adam Dunn 4
    Vladimir Guerrero 4
    Victor Martinez 4
8. Billy Butler 3
    Hideki Matsui 3
10. Juan Rivera 2
      Jim Thome 2
      Michael Young 2
13. Bobby Abreu 1
14. Jack Cust 0

How is it possible to be a DH, and be a month and a half into a season with no power?? In the times he has gone the Angels, Rangers, and now the Orioles we could have signed this guy:

Maybe a bit too expensive, but this guy was available this off season too:

I guess we like mediocrity in our DH. I know no one can replace Edgar Martinez's legacy in Seattle, but a decent DH would be nice.

We have been waiting for at least seven years for one. I guess we can only hope that someday we will sign one, or someone will grow into the role. I'm not too sure where that guy will come from...

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