Sunday, April 3, 2011

Top of the list

Let's just end the season right now, I'm happy. The Mariners are 2-0. Let's finish now and we are in first place. I know. All kidding aside though, this team is showing me a lot more heart than last year. Two nights in a row they have been down, but have fought their way back to victory. Also, a big congratulations go out to the Japanese hit machine-Ichiro. Last night in the 9th inning he would go to the top of the Mariners record book for hits.

Ichiro surpassed the great Edgar Martinez with his 2,248th hit as a Mariner. Combine that with his 1,278 hits in Japan and the guy already has 3,526 hits. When he gets another 731 hits combined he will break Pete Rose's record. Then only another 21 hits after that to make 3,000 here in the US. If he can continue at or near the pace he has in the first 10 years, he will get Rose, and 3,000 some time in 2014.

Also, as Felix did his commercial this year as Larry Bernandez, Ichiro did his yearly commercial to show that he can hit anything. Check it out. GO MARINERS!

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