Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Benny came!!

Yes folks, that's right the Easter Benny came a day early to my house. If you remember back a few weeks ago, The Adventures of Napkin Doon held a little white elephant contest. My first winning was an Octavio Dotel as a Met auto that BA Benny stole (thank you). My second pick was this lot of four cards:

Mike, the great mind behind BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet and the Pack Rip Cafe sent me an e-mail wanting the Tom Seaver out of the bunch. As a guy who had no need for it, I was more than willing to send it his way. Mike sent me a little package of Mariners that got fumbled by the USPS. Thanks to Shawn, who lives two hours north of me my package was found. He contacted both Mike and me and made arrangements to send it down to me. Thank goodness there still is honest people in the world. Mike sent me these older beauties to help out with the Super Set. I slowly getting closer with it.

He sent me some Mariners of old:

And some current Mariners, including The Condor to finish series 1, and an awesome OD of the Moose. I hope that card is in the Topps team sets this year if I can ever find any in the Seattle area...

As you all know by now, Mike has two great blogs and is one awesome trader. Read his words, trade with him, take pity on a Mets fan (they are almost as bad as the M's). Thanks again Mike for the great cards!

Happy Easter to everyone! Enjoy your day with your families.

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  1. Yes indeed!! Packages from the Easter Benny are always awesome!!