Saturday, April 30, 2011

Teal Theme Trade

Not long ago, I decided to focus this blog on the Sharks for awhile. I know that most of you are bored to death hearing about hockey, deal with it. Anyways, recently Mike of the newer blogs NYC Cards and Bombers Blog commented that he had some Sharks cards if I was interested. While I don't do much hockey, I'm always open to stuff from my team. I sent Mike a few Jets, Devils, and Islanders and these are some of the sweet stuff he sent me. This would be some of the cards of current players and the General Manager:

Also included were some older cards of all kinds of Sharks players. It is sad that there isn't a name I don't recognize:

After looking through the cards, my son staked his claim to these since he loves Nabby and wishes he was still in the pipes for Team Teal:

Mike blew me away with not one, not two, but three special cards. Autos of Torrey and one of my favorites, "Pickles." Also a nice black relic of Cheech. It is sad how his career has de-railed after being sent to Ottawa. Hopefully after this last season in Worcester, he might make it back.

Mike also is like everyone else and can easily see my obsession with Tony Gwynn. He sent this 1985 beauty. I have never seen these before but I kind of like it. The scan looks off, but I didn't want flatten a 3-D card.

Thanks again to Mike for some fun cards that were different than my other obsession with the Mariners.

Also, if you missed last night's Sharks game it was AWESOME!!  This team seems to thrive on living on the edge by going to OT. Four of the five wins so far all have taken extra time to decide. I didn't think they were going to pull out game 1 at home. Halfway through the 3rd period, Mr. Clutch Joe Pavelski put life in us Sharks fans.

Then, seven minutes into OT the birthday boy gets the game winner. On his 24th birthday, little used 4th liner Benn Ferriero beat Jimmy Howard for the WIN! Benn is the first player in NHL history to get an OT winner on his birthday. I don't think there was a better way for Benn to celebrate it.

I'm not too sure who these characters are that are out in Detroit, and Boston wearing uniforms that say Seattle across the front. These aren't the Mariners that I was not long ago. It is hard to believe they are only 3 games under .500 and playing good baseball. After the unfortunate passing of his father, Justin Smoak must be dedicating his season to him.

This kid is absolutely hitting the cover off the ball. I was happy to see him come from Texas last year. I think he will continue to improve. Off to the Sounders match tonight with my son for a little guy time against Toronto FC.

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  1. Larry,

    I'm glad they arrived safe and sound. I hope the Gywnn wasn't squished by the mail.

    I'm so glad you and you son enjoyed the cards.