Friday, April 29, 2011

Northwest Beauties

I know the title is deceiving, and you wonder where I'm going with this one. Things looked beautiful in the Northwest yesterday. The biggest news of the day came from New York when UW's own Jake Locker was drafted 8th by the Tennessee Titans.

You can probably start making new #10 jerseys in Nashville. Congrats Titans fans, this kid is going to be something special for you. It was an honor and a pleasure to watch Jake bring the Huskies back to Being good and going to bowl games. How did your team do in the first round? Are you happy with your team's pick or are you waiting to see what happens in the later rounds?

Where has this baseball team come from?? Are we actually a decent team, or are the Tigers that bad of a team? Either way I will take a sweep any day. This Pineda kid is really getting excited about his future. He's getting better and better each start. It gets rougher now with a series starting in Fenway tonight.

Sharks start the second round tonight against the hated Red Wings. They have had success against them in the past, so we will see how tonight starts the series.

Nice trade post coming tomorrow, hoping for some sun today to get a baseball game in tonight.

1 comment:

  1. This is the only post you've ever put up that I have to disagree with:

    -Locker's easily identifiable as a bust. His "athleticism" is vastly overhyped and won't make up for his lack of accuracy. He's not a winner and he's this year's Brady Quinn. Of course, I'm no expert so I could be 100% wrong...

    -Screw the Sharks, LET'S GO RED WINGS!