Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Awesome sight in sports

One of the greatest things about a NHL playoff series is the sportsmanship. These guys will go at it for anywhere from four to seven games and will try to take each other's heads off. At the end of the series, these guys can put that aside and do this:

My question is why Kings coach Terry Murray refused to take part in the tradition? It was reported on Twitter last night by Devin Setoguchi @seto1661 that he didn't. That is one thing that really gets under my skin as a fan. I know it is hard to know you are out, but show your opponent their proper respect.

Tonight's epic game 7 between Vancouver and Chicago will determine our next opponent. A Canucks win, and we will play the Red Wings. If the Blackhawks can pull it off, the West go through San Jose, and the Sharks would host Chicago. Two game 7's tonight= MUST SEE TV!

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