Friday, April 1, 2011

Could they? Maybe...

Tonight starts the long journey for the Mariners. Could this be a decent year? Am I dreaming that it is possible to improve on last year's performance? Most of the "experts" are picking to have basically no improvement. I honestly see at least 10-15 more wins for them this season. I think and hope that it might be possible to make a run at a .500 season. It is sad when 81-81 sounds good to you. I hope that the hitting has be some what better than last year. I feel that there is a new attitude in the locker room. I like the direction that Eric Wedge is trying to instill in this team.

If Felix can win the Cy Young at 13-12 with no run support, I wonder how much better he could be this year if they could just score 1 more run in each of his starts this year. Late last year Felix threw a one hitter in Toronto and lost 1-0, that is pathetic people. We all know Ichiro will get his customary 200 hits, and push his record further. I don't see any big boppers in the line-up, but I know that there are some guys(Jack Wilson, Milton Bradley, Brandon League) on the roster that I hope will go. It's not that I wish them ill will, I just don't think they fit here. Maybe I'm just a dreamer as John Lennon would say but that's what make baseball great. Here's good luck to my Mariners this season, and your team too as long they aren't play us.

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